Application for Emergency Feed Fund for Horses (EFFH) Micro Grants:

The Ocala Horse Alliance is concerned about the welfare of horses during this pandemic. We recognize that many horse owners have had their incomes significantly reduced and perhaps eliminated due to Covid 19 and we also recognize that help from the state or federal government may be delayed significantly. We are asking the horse community in Marion County to come together to assist those in need and ensure the welfare of horses in Marion County. These EFFH micro grants will be for $100 to $200 and are for hay and grain only. It is possible to resubmit for additional grants, if needed.

We anticipate there will be great need for assistance. Please help us get help to those in dire need by being honest on this application. We will have limited funds so help us get help to those horses most in need.

Here is how the EFFH works:

1. You fill out, sign and submit an application.
2. Your application will be review by 3 volunteer members of the OHA Decision Committee (anonymous)
3. You will be informed of the decision within 48 hours.
4. If you receive a grant, you will receive a voucher via email within 24 hours with a code to be taken to a specific feed store.
5. You will need to present the voucher and your photo ID at the feed store.
6. The voucher is good for your choice of hay and feed offered at the feed store. No supplements or other items can be purchased with the voucher.
7. The voucher is void after ten days from date of issue if not used.
8. We recognize that $100 or200 may not be nearly enough to keep your horses fed more than a week or two. You are allowed to resubmit for another micro grant if needed, after two weeks from receipt of the original grant.
We are hoping your situation changes via unemployment or other funds but if not, resubmit and we will do our best.
9. Our funds come from donations from the horse community in Marion County and we have a duty to ensure best use of the donated funds.
10. Please fill out this application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
11. To be eligible you must:
      – Be a resident of Marion County and have your horses in Marion County
      – Be over 18 years of age
      – Have had a major disruption to your income/ finances due to COVID-19

12. Your answers to questions 8 and 9 on this application will be used to determine need. Please be specific and honest.