OHA Monthly Connections Event:

December 15th 2020 – 4pm to 6pm

to be held at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Country Club 

event Location details below

members will have a chance to win a new shadow trailer

Click HERE to REGISTER as an OHA Member to become eligible to WIN a New Shadow Trailer!

This OHA Connections Event will be a very special day as one of our Members will WIN a NEW Shadow Trailer donated by Larry Pruitt

The OHA will be holding a LIVE drawing by having a Membership Raffle in front of the Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Country Club’s Main Clubhouse during the Connections Event and will announce the winner of the Shadow Single Horse Trailer. Members do not have to be present to win.  

Ocala Horse Alliance
and Shadow Trailer World:

The Ocala Horse Alliance will hold their last Monthly Connections Meeting of 2020 at the Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Country Club where the OHA had its first SUMMIT this past January 6th. The OHA welcomes all Members to attend this Special Event to celebrate the OHA’s first year. All of the OHA Membership will have a chance to WIN a new Shadow Single Horse Trailer donated by Larry Ray Pruitt (founder of Shadow Trailer) and given away by holding a LIVE drawing. Bring all your family and friends for food, fun, entertainment and of course you should visit Shadow Trailer World’s HWY 40 retail location for the best deals on the best trailers in Florida just down the road from the New World Equestrian Center Opening this January 2021 


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  • 2020 Liability Release – Pursuant to Florida Statute, Chapter 773, it is provided that an equine activity sponsor, an equine professional, or any other person shall not be liable for an injury to or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. Notification of Non-Liability, Consent and Release Form Ocala Horse Alliance, LLC (OHA), all event venues and their respective employees, agents, staff and representatives, will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained by any performing members, staff or support personnel of the above-named group during or in conjunction with any performances, events or attendance at any membership events of the 2020 OHA event calendar. Furthermore, this group and its sponsoring organization hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Ocala Horse Alliance, LLC (OHA), all event venues and their respective employees, agents, staff and representatives from any and all claims which might be brought by any person associated in any way with the above-described group, including performing members, in any way arising out of or during any membership events of the group at any 2020 OHA Event or in any way arising out of or connected with the attendance of said group activities.