An Afternoon of Fun and OHA Activities

All are welcome to attend! Bring your family, friends, neighbors, clients or business associates. All attendees will be treated to demonstrations, discussions and Palm Equestrian Academy’s staff will welcome you and your guests at the gate where you will sign in at the OHA Membership Booth. A variety of informational talks and  demonstrations by Lynn and Cyril will take place throughout the afternoon and photos and autographs with Lynn’s famous Rugged Painted Lark 2007 Breyerfest Celebration Horse will be available for all member attendees. OHA members get in free, children 12 and under are free and all others will pay $10 at the gate which includes access to all activities and a years membership to the Ocala Horse Alliance. You will need to fill out a membership application prior to entry.

Click here to apply in advance to speed up your entry at the gate. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Schedule

Welcome and Introductions by Palm Equestrian Academy and Ocala Horse Alliance

Photos and Autographs with Rugged Painted Lark 2007 Breyerfest Celebration Horse



2:00  Dressage Demonstration with Cyril Pittion-Rossillon




3:00  Western Dressage and Ranch Horse Demonstration  with Lynn Palm




4:00 Musical Freestyle by Lynn
and Rugged Painted Lark




***Limited Edition Rugged Painted Lark Breyers , other prizes and farm tours throughout the afternoon​​​***

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