The OHA Progam Pillars

The OHA has identified Six Program Pillars which will be used to frame and develop core programs:


Industry unity

-The 2020 OHA Summit; “One Industry…One Voice”

-Networking events across all segments…socializing and developing contacts

-Exploring intra-industry partnerships



-Ensuring the voice of the horse industry is heard and effective

-OHA surveys on issues of interest and concern to the horse industry


Marketing and industry growth

-Co-operative advertising opportunities

-Umbrella marketing programs to key target markets, i.e. youth

-Ongoing seminars and marketing support

-Advocacy for positioning and media coverage


community support and involvement

-The Black Stallion Reading Program

-Riders to Readers partnership program


Preservation and protection

-Our trails, our land, our quality of life



The OHA’s Horse University:

A series of affordable seminars to assist the industry in growing their businesses and strengthening their market position. Seminars may include; social media marketing, creating profitable partnerships, means to accomplish simple market analysis, making advertising cost effective. 

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