In Unity There Is Strength

With more people in the in the Ocala horse industry united for one goal, comes new possibilities, new partnerships and new opportunities. The Ocala Horse Alliance is a new organization that is uniting ALL aspects  of the horse industry in Marion County. Join now as a member and begin to socialize, make new connections, explore vast partnerships, be a part of industry marketing initiatives, and avail yourself of educational seminars and programs.


ocala horse alliance ocala florida

ocala horse alliance

Ocala often calls itself the ‘Horse Capital of the World’. Given the size, diversity, scope of equine activities and the unique representation of a spectrum of breeds and disciplines, Ocala clearly has rights to the title. Now there is a unifying entity to harness the collective power of this diverse industry to help grow, educate, unify and promote the horse industry in Marion County.

The Ocala Horse Alliance (OHA) is the organization that will champion this effort. After conducting a market condition analysis, the Leadership Group was formed to begin to address a unifying, growth and advocacy impact effort for the equine industry. The Ocala Hose Alliance Leadership Group is comprised of key stakeholders from various sections of the horse industry including breeders, trainers, trail riders, discipline representatives, manufacturers, feed companies, therapeutic riding, horse rescue, elected officials and numerous other groups representing the diversity of the horse industry in Marion County.

Ocala Horse Alliance has a five-year strategic plan designed to unify, promote, educate and grow the horse industry in Ocala. 

black stallion reading project ocala horse alliance

Black StallioN®

Reading Project

The Black Stallion® Reading Project, a cooperative effort between the Ocala Horse Alliance and Marion County Public Schools. During the five-year program, each participating fourth grader will receive a copy of The Black Stallion and the opportunity to experience a horse up-close and personal.  For some, this will be their first encounter; for others, this could be their only encounter.

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ocala horse alliance ocala florida


To unify the diverse equine industry and stakeholders in order to champion a unified voice and to design and implement a pro-active agenda to promote, educate and grow the horse industry in Marion County. 

ocala horse alliance ocala florida


Whether you breed it, ride it, braid it, shoe it, dress it, feed it, house it, show it, train it, drive it, treat it, ship it, trail it, write about it, lease it, judge it, appraise it, massage it, photograph it, promote it, whisper to it, or just love it… you are an integral part of the horse industry. 

The Ocala Horse Alliance… United by the Horse



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Feb 23, 2024

The Black Stallion Reading Project (BSRP) started at Ocala Horse Alliance (OHA) in 2020 with the mission of not only encouraging kids to improve and develop their reading skills, but also to fall in love with the written word and understand its connections to the world around them.

“Every industry in a community has a certain responsibility to that community,” explains Elle Trueman, OHA President. “Encouraging literacy and education through books is part of how we do that. These are our kids, our community, and our horse industry.”…con’t 

ocala gazette black stallion reading project

Ocala Gazette

April 24,2023

Students learn about the equine industry through the Black Stallion Reading Project

The program, which provides books to thousands of local students, is a partnership of the Ocala Horse Alliance and Marion County Public Schools.

The students in Karen Hayes’ fourth grade class at Ina A. Colen Academy in southwest Ocala were treated to a fun and educational show and tell session on April 21 by local horse industry professionals who help make this area the “Horse Capitol of the World.”…con’t 

Black Stallion reading project marion county schools

Plaid Horse

March 26,2023

Reading & Riding: How The Black Stallion is Teaching Ocala Youth 

Many people have that one book, event, or memory from their childhood that ends up sending them down the path they chose to take in life. The Ocala Horse Alliance is hoping local students will look back on reading The Black Stallion as that moment for them. 

The Black Stallion Reading Project, an initiative of The Ocala Horse Alliance, has been quietly building since before the pandemic, and in January, they made a splash with a major event in Ocala. On January 30, more than 600 spectators gathered at The World Equestrian Center in Ocala to witness The Black Stallion Challenge Cup, an evening to bring the Marion County community together and celebrate the impact of the equine industry in the area…con’t 

aaron vale black stallion reading project

Plaid Horse

January 26,2023

Why Are Aaron Vale and Don Stewart Spending Time at Tomorrow’s Equestrian?

Question: Why are Aaron Vale, one of America’s top winning Grand Prix riders, and Don Stewart, legendary hunter trainer, spending time at Tomorrow’s Equestrian in Ocala?

Answer:  Aaron Vale is schooling Kent Guinn, the Mayor of Ocala and Don Stewart is training Lori Conrad , member of the Marion County School Board, in preparation for The Black Stallion Challenge Cup: A Salute to Literacy, to be held at The World Equestrian Center Monday, January 30th at 6pm. con’t 


ocala style emergency feed for horses

OcalA Style Magazine

May 1, 2020

Ocala Horse Alliance Announces Emergency Feed Fund for Horses

The ongoing challenges associated with COVID-19 are far reaching, including into the rolling hills and pastures of the “Horse Capital of the World.” In response, The Ocala Horse Alliance (OHA) has established an emergency feed fund for Marion County horse owners whose circumstances during the pandemic may have left them unable to keep their horses fed. con’t 

wec magazine ocala horse alliance

World equestrian center Magazine

April, 2020

Striking an alliance

The newly formed Ocala Horse Alliance plans to give a united voice to Marion County’s varied equine industry.

Numbers support why Ocala/Marion County lives up to the moniker of “Horse Capital of the World.” According to the 2018 American Horse Economic Impact Study of Horse Ownership in Marion County, there are 80,260 equines in the county, with an economic impact of $2.3billion.  con’t