In Unity There Is Strength

With more people in the  Ocala horse industry united for one goal, comes new possibilities, new partnerships and new opportunities. The Ocala Horse Alliance is a new organization that is uniting ALL aspects  of the horse industry in Marion County. Join now as a member and begin to socialize, make new connections, explore vast partnerships, be a part of industry marketing initiatives, and avail yourself of educational seminars and programs.

Seize Your Moment

Whether you breed it, ride it, braid it, shoe it, dress it, feed it, house it, show it, train it, drive it, treat it, ship it, trail it, write about it, lease it, judge it, appraise it, massage it, photograph it, promote it, whisper to it, or just love it… you are an integral part of the horse industry. 

The Ocala Horse Alliance… Giving Spurs to the Ocala Horse Industry.

You’ll want to be part of this new association!

Join the OHA Now!


Ocala Style Magazine

Article Date: November 2019

Read Ocala Style’s exclusive interview with the OHA leadership members about why they decided to create the Ocala Horse Alliance and what they hope to bring to the Ocala horse industry.



MTRA Connections Event

Event Date: February 2020

Check out this video to learn more about the February 2020 Monthly Connections Event held at Marion Therapeutic Riding Association in Ocala, Florida.